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  • 80 series
  • 130 series
  • 170 series
  • 260 series
  • 410 series

"SPACE PAD" series is the perfect pad printing machines which have "Closed ink BOX / CUP system" + "Pad Cleaning system". Based on 80KPH, you can choose options to suite to your jobs.

LEONA series

  • LEONA 82
  • LEONA 132
  • LEONA 172
  • LEONA 162GL

Installed two pads onto "L" shaped arm and turn 90°for rapid print. Very Unique two color pad printing machine.

TRANS series

  • TRANS 6G2
  • TRANS 262P
  • TRANS 262TP

Line up two individual pads onto straight arm. This is also unique two color printing machine like slide table system.

PRO series

  • PRO 8A2
  • PRO 13A2
  • PRO 17A2
  • PRO 41A2
  • PRO 8Z2
  • PRO 41Z2

Separate designed pads moving part and also plate moving part. Free combination makes more convenient design to suite your requirements.


  • LEONA 84G

Installed two pads onto "L" shaped arm x 2 turn 90°for rapid print. Very Unique 1-4 color pad printing machine.

PRO series

  • PRO 8A4
  • PRO 8Z4
  • PRO 13Z4

Roller gear function, servo motor F/R moving, closed ink BOX or CUP systems, you can combine for Large, medium and small printing machine as you like.

SATAN series

  • SATAN 8
  • SATAN 13

4 pads and 4 closed ink BOX/CUP turns individually to be able to rapid print. Very unique 4 color rapid printing machine.

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