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SG(Closed Ink Super CUP)   SK(Closed Ink Super BOX)   WG(Closed Ink Double CUP)
SG (Closed Ink Super CUP)   SK (Closed Ink Super BOX)   WG (Closed Ink Double CUP)
K(Closed Ink BOX)   G(Closed Ink CUP)   O(Open)
K (Closed Ink BOX)   G (Closed Ink CUP)   O (Open)

The strongest ink super cup system (SGSYSTEM) PATENT.P was completed by putting a SKBOX system together in a WGCUP system.
As for pad printing machine which carried this system, can be possible to drive automatically itself in a long time.

Automation of high print of precision is possible to put up high airtightness of ink part by carrying solvent super control box (SKBOX) PATENT.P under shutter system.

It can keep viscosity of ink in an ink cup (GCUP) uniformity for a long time by using in solvent control cup (WGCUP) PATENT.P to an ink cup (GCUP), and automation of a pad printing machine is possible.

To sealed up ink tray with conventional plate (etched plate / cliche) by this box, it become possible to suppress evaporation of solvent as much as possible. Then it can last with stable high print precision constant for a long time, to be able to keep viscosity of ink by this system.
Patent pending (9-78083) The machinery installed this Box system has "K" in a model number.

Closed "CUP" ink system can be able to print long time period by sealed with cup to keep viscosity of ink stable. You can choose closed ink system of "CUP" or above "BOX" in our 80 series pad printing machinery.
The machinery installed this Cup system has "G" in a model number.

Ink tray is open type, so evaporate solvent frequently.
Operator must control/adjust viscosity of ink so often.

To take out rest of ink or dust from pad automatically and keep pad clean. It's possible to adjust frequency of winding by terms of jobs or weathers, so it's very economical.
The machinery installed this cleaning system has "P" in a model number.

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